In these 14 days learn Exactly:
 💰How To Get Leads, 
🏆Make More Sales, 
➕ Recruit Reps Faster 
All From Instagram™

🤔Important question for network marketers who STILL can’t get 100 qualified leads, and enthusiastic recruits from Instagram every month

If there was a proven “Do A, then do B” step-by-step blueprint for attracting 100+ qualified leads/mo and recruiting enthusiastic leaders EVERY SINGLE DAY from Instagram without the confusion of being spammy tammy in the DMS…

Would you finally feel confident enough to make network marketing your full-time business, make $120k, $450k, or [Insert your dream income here], and ditch your cubicle for good? #cubicle2throne

Here’s Why Anything Short of a HELL YEAH *Head Nod* Is Costing You Big Time

People judge a book by its cover, right?

If you’re not a 🧲magnet on Instagram, you’re repelling people instead of attracting them.

Every day, potential prospects are scrolling past your Instagram, and in less than 4.5 seconds they go…

"Interesting?... Nay!"

Attention lost.❌

Attracting attention means attracting money to your business.

Question is: 

What’s stopping you from turning into a magnet for leads, a magnet for people, a magnet for recruits?

If you know WITHOUT A DOUBT…

That you’re not talking to as many QUALIFIED leads as you should because nobody’s reaching out to you


When that 1 potential prospect knocks on your DM door in 30 days…You don’t know “HOW” to talk to them. 

Then keep reading…

Cause what follows next can easily take your Instagram from zero to hero in 24 hours, with perks like crisp tickets to Dubai, Hawaii, and Paris in no time as you’re unlocking new status levels as a network marketer from the influx of hot leads that flush your Instagram pipeline.

But first…

The Million Dollar Question
(And Why it Makes You Barf🤢 Whenever You Hear It)

Uplines, Mentors, or even random peers ask you THIS all the time.

And you probably think about this while sipping your morning brew, in the loo, or when you’re with your boo…

So What’s The Question?
How many leads are you talking to per day?


It lingers around with you ALL FREAKIN’ day.

You drop your lil’ munchkin to school, you’re at your desk.

…And you see no Insta notifications on your phone - like none.

That means, no one’s trying to talk to you.

Your Boss walks away…so you open your Instagram to see if you can quickly cook up a conversation.

…And you land in Bermuda (AKA your Insta Feed)

You see an Insta Hack reel, and you go…

“Hey, I can do that at 5 PM today”

So you save it…

And you keep scrolling.

Until you land on Mel Robbin's talk about “You’re UNSTOPPABLE”

It jazzes you up…and you LIGHT UP to work on your biz this evening.

So you’re swiping these ideas…and then your boss comes back.

You close the app, and back to the leeching laborious work.

Then, an hour later, you visit the Gram.

And guess what?

You repeat the same damn thing.

You check the notifications…and STILL NO NOTIFICATIONS.

Your brain whizzes…”Hey you gotta post something”

So you frantically find something random to post…

Then you post, and ghost. (You’ve got a job to get back to)

And when you get back home and check Instagram.

A day has passed and you haven’t talked to anybody.

You’re so mad, angry, ferocious… because nobody wants to talk to you.

Your inner voice has gone bonkers…

This doesn’t work for me…everything everyone tells me to do doesn’t work’

My mom’s right…my husband’s right…my Saturday club friends are’s never gonna work for me, I’m not making any money… this business doesn’t work for me, Instagram’s never gonna work for me

All these hazardous thoughts…can’t let you have a single present moment with your kids.

You’re coming home miserable…and you’re so frustrated all the time.

But even still...

I’m grateful people ask this question.

Grateful that people are asking it to YOU.

Because that single question... and the ACTIONS you take to finally be able to answer it with unshakable confidence, holds the key to your flourishing network marketing business.

Before I show you how to FINALLY ditch chasing followers and virality on IG…and only focus on cultivating CONNECTIONS that convert into CUSTOMERS…

I need to have a tough convo with you:

The 5 Reasons You’re Still Stuck in a Chronic Case of “No Leads, No Recruits” from IG…
(and how to snap out of it right now)

  • Reason #1: You’re a “Course Junkie”: you watch, forget, and reset.

You’re a course collector.

A course on IG here…and a tutorial there.

Courses that just leave breadcrumbs, and beat around the bush.

Courses that don’t teach actual systems. Just theories…like “this will work for you if just believe it” (Mere hyppity hype and woo-woo).

So you keep buying shit and let it die in digital dust. 

You watch once, you forget, and set on a quest to buy that next course that’ll help you crack the “Make-money-from-Insta-Code”

But I don’t blame you for that.

Every coach is trying to sell you their next video course and promise you seven streams of income.
But none of the coaches tell you to go through the same course 10 times.

So you believe you’ll go through two sessions of the program you’ll become an Insta-know-it-all.

But in reality, it just leaves you more confused and poorer than before…

Because that’s not how it works…

To crack the code you need: 


 If you're focusing on Instagram, then that's where you're focusing.

 You're not focusing on 50,000 different platforms.

You’re not grabbing 100 other courses.

Instead, you study.

You study each lesson 10 times, 20 times, 30 times, until you master it.

You gotta ditch the “I did this for a week but I’m not rich yet so I quit” mentality, and do the damn work.

You didn’t go to school for just a week to get your college degree. You had to go to school a little bit longer than that.

  • Reason #2: You believe you’re no “Influencaaaa”

In your mind, you’re “Plain ‘ol Liana” on Instagram.

You think your voice doesn’t matter.

Your story doesn’t matter.

Nobody cares about your fancy new internet business.

After all, “I’m just a mom”, you say pulling up your defense.

“I’m not pretty enough to show my face. The camera triples my double chin.”
“I’m not funny enough…everyone will think I’m lame”.

“I’m not an entrepreneur…I don’t have a brand…I don’t even know what it looks like.”

Listen up Liana (and all her pity pals):

You believe you’re not “Influencer Material”, and the word ‘Brand’ freaks you out…

I hear ya!

That’s because you think a BRAND means a “pink perfect” Insta profile, and professionally shot dolled-up photos…

…but do you really wanna know the reality?

Your brand is you. Yes, YOU.

Your 9-year nurse experience? It matters. 

Your child’s first-word story? It resonates. 

Your post-partum struggle? Someone’s going through the exact same thing. 

And your audience wants to hear all that from YOU.

You don’t need to feel overshadowed by the perfect glitz of perfect angles, and flawless influencers. 
(Pssst…you won’t even recognize them without filters)

You don’t need to fear being judged by Aunt Julie, or your old college friends…their opinions aren't paying your bills.

To get past the “Influencer Inferiority Complex”, you need:

Imperfect Action. 

You don’t need to always have your shit together. The messy buns fine. That makes YOU more real.

Heck, you don’t even have to be comfortable on camera right away!
You just gotta embrace who YOU are, and believe your tribe is waiting for you, to buy from you, to learn from you- just as you are.
Your new mantra?

YOU are your OWN influecaaaa!!

  • Reason 3: You’re terrified of being a “Spammy Tammy” in your leads’ DMS

You’ve seen them, and they suck.

The sheepishly slide into chats with the subtlety of a sledgehammer…

“Hey how are you? Buy my thing.”

You dread becoming them, and that’s exactly why you feel stuck…you don’t know…

…How do you get past the “Hey, how are you? Thanks for following” conversation?

…What questions do you ask to keep the conversation flowing?

…When do you transition to business talk?

And I have deep empathy in my heart for you…

Because your upline never taught you how to sell online without seeming desperate.

The bitter truth is…

A lot of women get into network marketing because they’re promised so much.

Like there are hundreds of thousands of dollars right there waiting to be taken, and in 6 months you could be a millionaire.

So you come in, and there’s no proper training.

You end up posting a bunch of flyers and seeming super desperate to your friends and family (Now they duck for cover when you post a flyer).

The result?

Nobody wants to talk to you. 

And that's due to poor training on your company's part.

Not because of your poor sales skills.

To convert clients without being spammy, you need:


Scripts that help start conversations with complete strangers and make them like you so you don’t feel sleazy when you’re trying to pop up a convo.

Scripts that help you sell without posting anything about your company because you’re building yourself as a brand.

Scripts that give you a choice of how to run your business from you down, because regardless of what’s going on in your upline, you have a choice to lead your team in a valuable way.

So that you don't have another downline of network marketers who are cold messaging people with very spammy messages, seeming like they have commission breath.

You have the power to shape the network marketing industry as a whole.

You can be a leader who can teach other people the right way to do it.

  • Reason 4: You believe you’re too late to hop on the Instagram Train.

You’re not alone.

Everyone feels like they’re coming in late at one point in life/business.

Because opportunity knocks one time, right?

You got to be the first to get in or the first to be on a platform.

But that’s not true.

I wasn't the first on Instagram.

 I'm not first on anything.

 I'm the slowest-moving human on the planet.

 I am just consistent as hell and I have systems that work.

If you believe Instagram is saturated…

What is not saturated?

We have enough doctors… So why do people still enroll in Medical Colleges?

We have enough fashion brands…So why do people still start and scale Million Dollar Fashion Brands?

To break this belief, you need:
To get out of your own way.

The first few times you go live or you post something on Instagram, it's going to suck.

Embrace it, and do one more.

Picasso didn’t become Picasso from the first stroke.

Brad Pitt didn’t become a Hollywood sensation from the first take.

Success takes time. Let that sink in.

  • Reason 5: You’re bedraggled with burnout after your 9-5 day job. You don’t have the energy or time to sway your hips on Viral Music.

You drag yourself home every evening.

By the time you catch some dinner, chores, and life, you’re exhausted.

You don’t even know what you’re supposed to do.

My tender rib chop…

I get it.

But you’re either gonna keep being exhausted from your job or you're gonna sacrifice some extra time to learn and reach the income goal that can help you get rid of your day job.

To make the maximum out of your time you need:

A super clear “first do this, then do that list” that can help you record 10 reels in 30 minutes, without wasting hours on editing it. 

You need a guide that includes DONE-FOR-YOU templates, reel covers, and scripts so all you have to do is spend 30 minutes and day and STILL close 100 qualified leads a month.

The Good News Is…

Landing 100 Leads/mo and Recruiting EVERY DAY 
on IG is Easier Than Ever

Getting QUALIFIED leads is going to become second nature to you when you follow my 3-3-3 Method® , you’ll also have the power to:

  • Start over with IG because in 14 days, your whole profile is going to be different, sound different, and feel different to your audience so you not only attract leads, but brand partnerships, recruits, and a higher seller rank in your company.
  • ​Capture your real-life moments and QUICKLY turn them into attractive reels without wasting 2-3 hours on a single reel.
  • ​Leverage the potential of not just selling products but also building a team of committed individuals who see beyond mere shopping - those who understand and want to contribute to building a thriving business.
  • ​Celebrate each day, whether it’s hitting certain commission targets, earning a trip to Hawaii, or seeing your team members thrive and grow their own networks..
  • ​Show up, and fulfill your dream of creating an audience of women who love YOU for who you are, fostering the goal of creating a community of women who think and feel the way you do. Where YOU matter. 
  • ​Have the time back for your gym routine or have an hour for lunch when you save hours and hours on content creation with my plug-and-play post templates.

Yes, these outcomes are totally within your reach (whether you’re starting from scratch or hitting reset for the 10th time) …

…But they do depend on following a Successful Blueprint.

One that helped me foster 55,000 ACTIVE followers on IG and grow a 7-figure network marketing business…

One that’s been my secret weapon for bringing in 3000 freshly qualified leads every single month without any cold spamming or a large sales team that does the selling for me.


One that you’ll give credit to when you wake up in the morning to hundreds of Insta notifications…with ready-to-shop HOT LEADS 

And if you’re still with me, then I couldn’t be more excited to introduce you to my FULLY UPDATED IG course…

IG BUCKS with Marina Simone

IG Bucks is the first advanced “what’s working now” Instagram Challenge built by a network marketer for a network marketer 
to help you close 100 qualified leads in a month from IG even if you’re not an influencer and chained to your full-time job.

3 Ways IG Bucks Can Make Your iPhone Buzz with Sweet Sales IG Notifications 

1️⃣ VIP onboarding Zoom coaching call with a top branding coach to audit your Instagram profile, and alchemize it into a MAGNET for leads and recruits.

2️⃣ 14-Day Daily Homework so that you can add 200-1000 followers in 14 days and learn EXACTLY how to talk to them, nurture them, and convert them with my SCRIPTS.

3️⃣ 150+ Page workbook with step-by-step handholding of launching your niche and product on Instagram successfully.

In three years, the Moms n Heels® team iterated four different programs to create IG BUCKS that help you truly identify your niche, how to tell stories around it, how to create content around it, and how to get products sold to those who are watching all without cold messaging.

I was sick and tired of all the gurus teaching how to go viral instead of showing how to get EXCEPTIONAL at telling your story.

Going viral is NOT what got me a multiple-figure business. The Skills and posture to test and tweak and not give up and tell my story did.

IG Bucks will give you the tools, training, and templates to stop spamming and start serving on social media so you can recruit your niche consistently, get customers, and actually work with people that want to work with you.

So women who feel like a black sheep can stand out like a black swan - with confidence #NoMoreLids

Who the heck is Marina Simone? 

Meet the “Queen of Branding” AKA Marina Simone

Marina Simone has been featured in:


I have built a seven-figure brand + Seven-figure network marketing business all through Instagram and I love it.

And then they added Reels, and it's the next level of fun for me.

So I want to share with you:

  • HOW I built the Mom and Heels® brand from scratch
  • How I built a brand while building my network marketing business simultaneously all on Instagram

*Look at the end of the day, you're not going to be perfect. This will take you time. *

I'm talking about growing your Network Marketing business and not just getting lots of views and followers.

Because I know a lot of people out here who are teaching you how to brand on Instagram™ 

BUT they are NOT actually in Network Marketing. 🙈

I Am.

And I'm going to show you how to make that money by recruiting a team from Instagram™. 

Over 60,000+ students since 2017 Branded over 1,000 social sellers personally since 2018, I am the #1 branding strategist for mompreneurs in the social selling space.

 "I've owned a Mary Kay business for over 17 years now…

I took IG bucks because I wanted to learn more about how to do things on Instagram…

Other than posting…
Putting up a picture as a story…
Tagging myself…
And adding hashtags…

I knew nothing about what to do on Instagram.

I read the curriculum and I thought this is a good opportunity for me to actually learn how to do reels, do lives on Instagram do more with my stories other than just a one-picture post. 

Anh oh my, It really did exceed expectations... 

It expanded my sphere of influence on Instagram a lot because people weren't used to seeing me all that much other than the occasional post on my newsfeed.

 So all of a sudden I had people messaging me going…

“ I didn't know your company had that product” 

or “Wow, your dog is really doing great” 

I scored 15 leads, made some sales, got a new team member out of it.

According to my calculations, I got about a 10 percent increase in followers. My engagement increased exponentially." 


Here’s the rundown of the 14-day Curriculum 60,000 students have used to totally REVAMP their IG accounts:

Each day only takes 20 minutes to complete, so you can follow it with your BUSIEST schedule.

(Value $397)

Day 1: Prepping, priming, and propping your profile.

This is where you’ll create a Magnetic Instagram profile that will take you from Zero to Influencer in 24 hours.

Here’s how we’ll do that:

🧲 You’re going to get some really cool Canva templates for your Instagram profile and highlight covers.

🧲 You’ll learn what different links to use in your bio and why we like to use them (tutorial will be there for you too)

🧲 You’ll understand what kind of account you should have.

🧲 You’’ get a 9-step Instagram Account Set Up Training with templates and video tutorials for each.

With all these tutorials, I will make sure your PROFILE doesn’t sound like “I help women get financial freedom, or I help moms make money from their phone or make money on social media.” 

Why? Because no one cares and you sound like everyone else.

YOU want to sound different than everyone else. YOU want to be attractive on Instagram.

And Day 1 will help you do just that.

Day 2: IG Feature Fest

It's all about understanding how you can use each feature on Instagram

I want you to understand WHERE each feature is FIRST and then I want to SHOW you where I spend the most time (and where you should too)

Here’s what we cover:

➡ 15 Profile Features Including the feature that helped me grow my following to 55,000 followers, and what feature Gurus and Coaches preach to change, but I tell you to ignore it.

➡ 6 types of Instagram posts and why I completely (almost ignore the sixth one).

➡ The Million Dollar Tip on how to drive people to your DMs, Link in Bio, or Highlights using an underutilized feature.

➡ How to use the save posts feature for a plethora of content ideas, and to reach out to influencers using the 333 Method®.

➡ Story Features:
     What type of Video Editing to do for stories?
     How to edit Text, Stickers & GIFS, and graphics?
     How do I add music?

Don't worry. This will be the beginning of something new for you and it takes practice and getting comfortable getting a little uncomfortable.

And the Day 2 homework will ensure you get comfortable with the discomfort.

Day 3: All the feeeeeels with reels

You’ll immediately learn how to transform your profile into an engagement magnet.

This isn't just about snagging likes or views from your Reels; it's about commanding attention, sparking conversations, and turning your followers into raving fans.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

🎥 How to craft content that melts your viewer's heart, tickles funny bones, and sparks serious FOMO even if you think you’re super boring IRL.

🎥 The little-known 5-second post trick that can double your engagement in a week.

🎥 How to decode the Insta algorithm and keep visitors glued to your profile longer AKA Insta will push your Reels to explore page.

🎥 How to use my Canva templates to create eye-catching posts, just swap in your style and you’re ready to post a Reel.

🎥 How to mix different post types – from attention-grabbing carousels to conversation-starting reels – to keep your audience hooked.

🎥 How to avoid boring your audience with the same old content. I'll show you techniques to make your reels not only engaging but also effective in building your brand with a variety of transition tutorials.

🎥 How to Use Reels for More Than Just Views: Transform your reels into a powerhouse for networking and recruitment. Discover strategies to make every reel count towards growing your business and your network.

Remember, it's not just about being seen; it's about being remembered, making an impact, and turning strangers into recruits and sales. 

Day 3 is your key to unlocking this potential.

Day 4: 1,000+ Scroll-Stopping Hooks 
in Just 10 Minutes

1000+ Scroll-Stopping Hooks in Just 10 Minutes

Posts with stronger hooks see a 28% increase in engagement. 

Many perfectly crafted posts get ignored because of a poor hook.

Once you master the hooks, you already get 90% of the post done.

Here’s how:

🪝Ditch the frustration of scrolling hundreds or Reels to land on a hook inspiration by learning how to prompt ChatGPT to plummet 1000’s of niche-specific hooks for you in 10 minutes.

🪝 Learn how to mine Google and YouTube for hooks that are trending and on top of your audience’s mind so you can be the most relevant creator in your niche.

🪝 Use my secret headline generator that will rain 700 headlines in 1 minute.

Use my Headline Samples and Templates to craft 🪝hooks that become 

Day 5: Relate with Reels.

Become more interesting than Netflix by using my Love, Laugh, Aggravate framework to create Reels.

Here’s how:

🤣 The Aggravate Exercise: helps you craft Reels that poke just the right spots, stirring up a storm of 'I feel seen' reactions. You're not just making content; you're echoing their inner screams.

🤣 The Laugh Exercise: Learn the art of infusing humor into your Reels. Because everyone loves a good chuckle, and laughter is the universal language of 'share this with friends.'

❤️ The Love Exercise: Get the lowdown on creating Reels that resonate with warmth and relatability. Turn your followers into loyal fans who adore you not just for what you sell but for who you are.

Once they've laughed, cried, and raged with you, they're yours. 

Day 5 will teach you how to steer this newfound engagement into fruitful conversations.

Day 6: The Reel Roulette.

On Day 6 we cover FOUR distinct, crowd-pleasing REEL types.

Making Reels will be child’s play for you, you’ll be able to publish 2-3 different Reel types daily and watch your IG growth blow off the charts.

We’re talking solid, consistent growth – none of that one-hit-wonder, viral-today-gone-tomorrow kind of fame. 

Here’s how that growth will be possible for you:

🔥 Learn how to mix it up with different Reel styles. Whether it's storytelling, showcasing products, hilarious skits, or inspirational messages – you’ll have a Reel for every mood and message.

🔥 Follow the slow and steady 3–3-3 approach -Learn how to build a loyal following that sticks around for the long haul, not just for a fleeting viral moment.

🔥 A swipefile for each reel created by yours truly so you have a galore of inspiration to start from. We all know the biggest time killer is starting from scratch…not anymore.

Day 6 will set you on fire.

More views, more likes, more comments, more... you get the drill.

Day 7: The Caption Catalogue

You just can’t slap any words under your pic on Instagram.

Why? Because your captions are the secret sauce to driving traffic right where you want it – your DMs, bio link, and beyond.

Here’s how you write ones who do just that:

📜 Learn the golden rules for Captions that command attention and reaction- just the way you want.

📜 Seduce casual scrollers to slide into your DM’s with my caption templates.

📜 Learn how to say more with less. Captions aren’t your autobiography, they’re your hook, line, and sinker.

Day 7 is all about making every word count, every transition pop, and turning your Instagram into an engagement powerhouse. 

Day 8: Recycle, Repurpose.

What if you could create 30 new posts from 1 successful post?

Day 8 saves you from spending hours sweating over coming up with new post ideas, then shooting them, editing them, and designing them.

Instead, I show you how to give the audience what they loved once, in a million different ways.

Here’s how:

⭐️ Learn how to take 10 of your classic posts and morph them into 30 sparkling new ones.

⭐️ Cross-pollinate your content across different platforms: what works on IG can sizzle on TikTok, FB, and Youtube with zero extra effort.

⭐️ Tap into the evergreen nature of your content. Some topics are timeless – learn how to spot and exploit them.

When you start recycling your old posts, and stories, you wrap up your monthly content creation in 6 hours.

Imagine you have 29 evenings to work on more important aspects of your business like prospecting, recruiting, and learning.

You can re-learn my training, watch Shameless, or gift yourself a Nailspa.
Day 8 blesses you with the gift of time.

Day 9: Scripts that Sell

Today we answer some of the most burning questions…

🤔 What to do when someone likes/comments/shares/engages with you. 

🤔What to do with the Likes the comments?
🤔 What to do when someone shares your post 

🤔 What do you do with the person that follows you like? 

🤔 How do you start a conversation with them without being weird or without sounding like a spammy butthole? 

You’ll get:

👠 A “Follow Message Script” to help you exactly know why someone followed you, so you can double down on that and attract more followers.

👠 Reel-to-Rapport training: How to strike up conversations with people who like your Reels.

👠 Two trainings for extra help on The 333 Method®

👠 Scripts to turn a comment + like on social media into your BFF

👠 Scripts to get a follower or engaged person from your Reel instantly interested in what you are selling.

You’re not just learning to respond; you’re making every like, comment, and share a stepping stone towards building your empire on Instagram. 

After Day 9, every like, share, and comment will make a difference to your business.

Day 10: Stories that Sell

Turn your regular “New Update” stories into strategic sales sequences that move your reader from one story to another.

Here’s how:

🏆 Transform passive story viewers into active, hot leads ready to join your team with The 333 Method®

🏆 FOMO Prompt Template to create a buzz of FOMO so intense, it turns viewers into buyers, on repeat, all without revealing your company's name.

🏆 Engagement prompt template to take your audience from “Can I” in their mind to “I can”~ you learn how to talk to their inner chatter and empower them to buy.

By the end of Day 10, you’ll have the confidence of an A-list Blogger who can hook people into talking about their “underarm odor”.

Hahah, jk. 

But Day 10 WILL equip you with storytelling techniques so that when you talk on stories, your audience listens (Till the end).

Day 11: SOS; The Crazy IG Growth Roadmap

A simple plan of action with consistency on IG can easily help you: 

✔ Be seen more

✔ Stand out from others 

✔ Get more new leads

✔ Get higher engagement


Here’s what that simple plan of action is:

👠 Follow my IG tracker and you’ll become so INTERESTING that followers will search for your posts, reels, stories, and content

👠 Got 15 minutes? That's all it takes, three times a day, to transform your IG presence from invisible to invincible with my tracker.

I don’t say that, Erin does:

"Without this roadmap tracker I used to feel stuck and now my engagement has doubled!" 

Day 12: Track Leads with Trello

If you religiously follow this tracker for the next 30 days, you can easily double your sales.

Because with the Trello tracker, not a single lead gets lost. 

Here’s how:

⚡️ Every like turns into a lead (with my First-time convo Scripts), and every lead is nurtured a couple of times (with my Follow-up Scripts). No lead left behind, no opportunity missed.

⚡️ Bid goodbye to messy spreadsheets because I teach you how to transform Trello into your personal organized sales assistant

Day 11 completely eliminates your “I don’t have anyone to talk to“ panic.

In fact, after Day 11 you’ll never have an “I don’t have leads” problem in your business. 

Day 13 & 14: Prospecting Influencers 101

I walk you through the EXACT strategies I used to recruit micro-influencers and BIG influencers into my business.

You’ll learn:

💰 How to propose collaborations that influencers can’t resist.

💰 How to nurture relationships with influencers because, the last thing you want to do is send a cold message and say, “I don't know if you'd be open to taking a look.”

💰 How to write comments that get pinned as a top comment on Influencer’s posts 

As we wrap up the course, with Day 13&14 you’ll gain the confidence to start conversations with ANYONE on IG.

You won’t be intimidated by the 89’000 follower count of an Influencer, instead, you’ll have the poise and posture to collaborate with them.

Bonus 1: IG Bucks Sales Script (Value $197)
A 4-step sales conversation to start casual conversations with leads and turn them into hot buyers.
(with templates and examples)
Bonus 2: IG bucks Product-Story Sequence
(Value $337)
The story sequence to educate what you wish your friends and followers understood about the benefits of working with you, taking your product, orjoining your business. 
(with templates and examples)
Bonus 3: 7 Headline tricks to get your audience to press play with Live Examples (Value $97)
Believe it or not, there is psychology around why or why not people will click your post.

Your content could be on point, your appearance could be FLAWESOME, your delivery could be spectacular! 

The problem is if your title does NOT get in the head of your audience they won’t even stop to push play.
(with templates and examples)
In this Bonus, you’ll learn the 7 tricks: Surprise, Question, Curiosity, Negative, “How To”, Number, and Reference to get your audience to make the impulse decision to press play. I promise it works.
Test them out ASAP!

Bonus 4: How to Hack the Instagram Reel Algorithm
(Value $297)
How to get your reel in front of 1000s of strangers using my Relationship + Interest + Time formula
(with templates and examples)

"Before IG bucks…I was enrolling leads, but they weren’t necessarily shopping.

So they weren’t true qualified leads... I led the horse to the water, but at that point, they had to drink. I couldn’t make them drink.

The moment I joined IG Bucks…I felt like an Instagram guru, an Instagram magnet. I felt I could conquer the world because this was going to be awesome. 

And within a month, I enrolled eight to nine people.

Oh, my gosh, Marina is fabulous, her scripts are so good…

Having my own personal concierge, game changer, she stayed on top of things, helping and guiding me if I had any problems.

I don't want to say this because I don't want her to jack her prices up…but this 14-day program was worth at least $499." - Tara

"I went from about 2,400 followers to a grand total of 86,000 followers in one month because of IG bucks.

... the way the lessons were taught, they stuck so that when I did put up a video, that started going viral on Instagram.

But those videos would have lost traction had I not known the things that Marina teaches inside IG Box.
You can have a video going viral anywhere. TikTok, Instagram, it doesn't matter. 

 If you don't engage with it at all, or properly, then it'll fizzle out. Like, you can double the traction on even viral videos if you know what you're doing, and that's exactly what Marina's taught in IG bucks.

 I knew exactly what to do with the comments, the likes, the follows.

IG bucks helps take away the chase for numbers.

The most valuable lesson is what to do with the people who come across your account.

Even if that’s 1 person. It counts if you know exactly what to do with them."


When you add it all up, that’s a total real-world value of $1325.

But because I want this training to be accessible so you can make enough money to join me inside Network Marketing on Demand where me and my team personally work on growing your business.

So you can grab this today for a single payment of: 

Plus, you’ll be backed by…

A RIDUCULOUS “Zero to Hero” Instagram Guarantee

The Promise is simple.

Commit the next 14 days with me.
Really, just DO IT. 

If you don’t feel your Gram’ has gotten a total GLAM makeover and the handholding and 1-on-1 COACHING CALL did NOTHING for you 

I insist you email for an immediate refund.

Why am I so confident doing this?

1. I would never sell my soul for a buck. I only deliver strategies that work and will work and I test and tweak before ever bringing it to market with hundreds of students that get results. In fact, I ran this workshop live for 14 days with over 6000 students and got insane results 

2. 80% of the work is already done for you. (The Canva Templates, The scripts, my own IG examples)

3. I’ve used the exact steps to grow my IG to 55,000+, and I can help you posture up your prospecting, your language, your niche, and your branding to where you can't be ignored by YOUR audience on Instagram in just 2 weeks.

If you don't learn 1 thing and feel like this Program + 1-on-1 Coaching call Did NOTHING for you just shoot us an email and we will fully refund you.

Here’s why you need to get IG Bucks today…

Aren’t You Tired of Dragging Your Feet to your Desk Every Morning…

Isn’t it Time You Quit Your Cubicle? 

Isn’t it Time You Deserve a Damn Payoff From Your Network Marketing Business?

With the amount of time you’ve slugged your way through your 9-5 job, while committing sleepless nights to growing your Network Marketing business, to keep your Online Business Dream alive, you DESERVE the payoff.

♡ You deserve to know EXACTLY how to attract 100 highly qualified leads with a battle-tested SCRIPT that has converted 100,000 leads and enrolled 1000’s of recruits from IG.

♡ You deserve to have 80% of the work DONE FOR YOU, instead of being told random things to do on Instagram, and then being shamed by Insta Gurus who make their bucks by telling people what to do yet never doing it themselves.

♡ You deserve to be crowned as a Sales Leader, and reach the top the rank in your team, instead of hopping from one hack to another hoping “this will crack the Insta Code” for you.

♡ You deserve to know the secret of creating content in your sleep with tools like ChatGPT that gets an entire month of content DONE & SCHEDULED in the time you finish two loads of laundry.

Try it for 14 Days with my “Zero to Hero” Guarantee

One single payment of $47

Questions your fellow female leaders and Network Marketers asked before saying “yes’ to IG Bucks

1. I want to do this, but I’m already spread wayyyy too thin. How much time is this gonna take?

I hear ya!
Your job sucks the human out of you and you’re exhausted when you reach home.

But here’s the thing.

If you can’t take out 20 minutes a day to grow your business, you’ll be chained to your cubicle for God knows how long… 3 years, 5 years, 10 years…

The choice is yours.

You either commit to doing the work for just 20 minutes a day to pave the way for a freedom-filled business.


You continue dragging your feet to your desk every Monday morning, wondering how did the weekend end so quickly,

If you choose to join me inside IG bucks, I PROMISE to cut the fluff and make the execution as easy as spreading butter on the bread for you.

2. I have no idea about Instagram, I don’t even have a profile. Is this for me?

On Day1 and 2, I walk you through the tiniest detail…like how to change your profile from private to public.

And walk you through each and every Insta Feature that you might take months to figure out.

After Day 2, you’ll be equipped with templates, a workbook, and a video walkthrough to GUARANTEE that you’re set up to enroll qualified leads and recreuitees from your IG profile

3. I’m camera shy, and my dance moves are pathetic, will I STILL be able to grow on IG?

I have two answers.

A. You don’t need to show your face on camera to create reels. On Day 7, I give you a bunch of ideas to create reels without showing your face.

B. Your current life makes excellent content for Reels, you don’t need to sway your hips for content. 


Just as YOU are, no makeup, no filters, RAW you…makes up the best content on Instagram.

And with my aggravate, love, laugh worksheet, you’ll exactly know how to show up as the most AUTHENTIC version of yourself on IG and ATTRACT your tribe.
And if you’re putting it all off, because you want that pink perfect Reel from the get-go, you’re never going to start.

Instead, SUCK HARD for the first time, and keep improving with each homework I give you across 14 days.

4. I’ve taken a bunch of IG Classes, and have had no results. How is this any different from them?

This program isn't "here's kind of what you should do", it's legit DO THIS TO GET THAT result TODAY.

Cuz, lets be real…

How many times a “Guru” has asked you to “niche down” but NEVER showed you how…

How many times have they told you to start DM conversations, but never equipped you with SCRIPTS to use in multiple scenarios…

See, I’d never sell my soul for a buck.

This course took 3 years in the making, so you can have the most updated “What’s working now” IG course.

I don’t just tell you WHAT to do, I show you HOW I did it to gain 55’000 followers that got me featured in Top 10 branding Coach Yahoo Finance 2020 and 2021,till people started calling me the Instagram branding queen for mompreneurs, 

Not only that but I provide you with a bunch of PRE-DONE templates and Scripts so you have more than half of the work already DONE FOR YOU.

Now all you gotta do is SHOW UP and you’re all set.

5. I have an average personality and no influencer traits…Are you sure I’m cut out for this?

Babe, what’s an Influencer anyway?

A woman like you and me who posted content…maybe tons of content?
And people related to that content…so that woman became an Influencer.

Being RELATABLE is a learnable SKILL, and I teach that in IG bucks.

You have sooo much as a woman, as a human, or as a working MOM people can relate to…

Think of Postpartum hairloss insecurity…
Think of the guilt of being a working mom…
Think of the fights you have with your husband while you’re PMSING…

Don’t you have 10 ideas on these topics already?

Inside IG bucks I teach you exactly how to use your LIFE topics and grow your OWN Influence with them. So you become your OWN Influencer.

6. Can you remind me of what I’m getting today when I enroll in IG Bucks?

You’ll get daily video tutorials dripped across a span of 14 days to take your Instagram from “Zero to Hero” + 5 Bonuses +150 Page Workbook + a Branding Coaching Call with a Top Branding Expert to help you SET UP an IG profile that STANDS OUT.

You also get a No Questions Asked Full-Refund GUARANTEE…

If you show up for 14 days or LESS and you find NOTHING helpful, just email support @... and we’ll happily refund your money.

7. I can’t believe this is just $47. Other coaches sell a 45-minute call for $300, is this really for $47?

Yes, you get everything mentioned above for only $47.

My mission is to help average awesome humans just like you get sales and recruits from IG without all the confusion these "gurus" keep throwing at you daily.

It's simple really:  I Want You To Slay Online Sales So You Can Go #Cubcile2throne just like I did.

A quick heads up:
IG Bucks is only for you if…

✅ You’re fully committed to giving 20 minutes a day to your IG growth, Business growth, and Freedom growth.

❌ If you can't sacrifice 20 to 30 minutes a day to watch a way to set up your Instagram, to make it print money for you, then you shouldn't be buying my course. 

❌ If you're going to buy this program and go through it once and think, you know, all the things I don't want your money.

I want you to get the most EPIC results…

The only way you’ll get those EPIC results is if you commit to use IG Bucks as your study bible for IG. 

✅You’re ready to come all in with me and ignore everybody else while you’re working with me.

That’s how you LITERALLY go from “Zero to Hero” on Instagram.

By now, you already know that IG Bucks is the GOLDEN TICKET for attracting 100+ qualified leads/mo and recruiting enthusiastic leaders EVERY SINGLE DAY from Instagram without the confusion of being spammy tammy in the DMS…

So if you’re still here, let’s wrap up with a lil’ real talk.⤵️

🔥 If you’re a network marketer who wants to quit her full-time job and make $5k, $8k, or $20k from this business using IG…you need IG Bucks.

🔥 If you’re thinking of adding 8 serious people to your downline in the next 6 months…you need IG Bucks.

🔥If you want to rank up higher in your company…and maybe reach the HIGHEST rank…you need IG Bucks.

🔥If you’re exhausted after recording one Reel, and you need a way to create content FAST…like 30 Reels in 2 hours FAST…you need IG Bucks.

🔥 If you woke up at least one morning this week, feeling sick of NOT HAVING ANY RESULTS in your need IG Bucks.


🔥 If you trust me as your mentor and you know my purpose is to see you WIN…you need IG Bucks.

🔥If you’re ready, I look forward to making this the most rewarding, fun, and impactful 14 days your business has experienced all year.

Try it for 14 Days with my “Zero to Hero” Guarantee:

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Here's additional Bonuses you get when you Join IG Bucks:

  • The 14 Day Gram™ Guide Workbook: Includes Instagram tracker, scripts, + algorithm hacks [Value $97]
  • Lifetime access to recordings + ANY updates: So you don't have to binge watch everyday.[Value $197]
  • ​A Special VIP Bonus Training Delivered straight to your inbox on Brand Marketing on IG [Value $97]


Upgrade Today For Just One Payment of

Only $47!

With the 14-Day “Zero to Hero” Guarantee…

The only thing at risk right now is your business suffering from an empty pipeline of leads without a step-by-step blueprint to enroll and close leads EVERY SINGLE DAY

One that includes all the latest IG strategies, with hand-holding every step of the way so you can totally revamp your IG, your content, your pipeline, and your business.

In 30 days from now, if you’re ready to wake up to 100 qualified leads, and enthusiastic recruits from Instagram in your pipeline…

“Then I can’t wait to onboard you with an hour-long Zoom Call with my Top Branding expert inside IG Bucks …to start building your brand from scratch”

~Marina 👠

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