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In this 14 day event learn:
Ā How To Get Leads,Ā 
Make More Sales,Ā 
+ Recruit Reps FasterĀ 
AllĀ From Instagramā„¢every 14 days

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In this Free Event 14-Day IG Bucks Gram Guide, You will learn:

  • How to be a Magnet šŸ§² Money Maker
  • ā€‹How to AttractĀ MoreĀ Followers that actually WANT to join you and/or buy from you
  • How To ā€‹Sell More of Your Products through Stories
  • How To ā€‹Build BrandĀ Authority you've been craving to have as a Micro Influencer

YES. I'm talking about in your Network Marketing business and not just getting lots of views and followers.Ā 

Because I know a lot of people out here who are teaching you how to brand on Instagramā„¢ BUT they are NOT actually in Network Marketing. šŸ™ˆ

I Am.Ā 

And I'm going to show you how to make that money by recruiting a team from Instagramā„¢. šŸ¤‘

Marina Simone has been featured in:

Helllerrrrrrrr. My name is Marina Simone and I've been kicking it with Instagramā„¢ since 2012.Ā 

I struggled for a LONG time. Literally, I sucked. šŸ‘ŽĀ 

Really really bad, like REALLY BAD. Here, I'll show you.

I thought that I had to be an Instagramā„¢ model posting crazy pictures in order for me to get likes.Ā 

Ā I thought that's what really mattered.Ā 

Lot's of VIEWS.
Lot's of LIKES.Ā 

I didn't understand how to make money from there for my network marketing business.Ā 

My favorite part was thinking I had to take photos of my on a jet and flash money all over the place in order for someone to even want to join my business or follow me.

Psssstttt... I've got a secret.Ā 

I was actually āŒWRONGāŒ.Ā I'm so happy that I was because that is totally not my style.

In 2014 I decided hire an Instagramā„¢ coach so I can figure out how to branding + Instagramā„¢ + a flow to make it work for network marketing.Ā Ā 

I wanted to recruit from Instagramā„¢, make MORE sales, and build a memorable brand all while creating a successful network marketing team.Ā 

Then POOF. Here we are in 2022

I built an Instagramā„¢ following of over 50,000.

Do you want to know the coolest piece of it all?Ā 

I'm printing 7-figure dollars from Instagramā„¢.Ā 

I actually did that WAY BEFORE I had even 20,000 followers.

And you can too.

I'm here to tell you that before you hit 50k followers, you can start making money from Instagramā„¢. (Yes, you will recruit actual humans+ make more sales, all while building a team from what I'm gong to teach you). (COMPLETELY FREE INSIDE THIS 14 Day Event)

Did I mention it's totally F R E E?

Let me break it down for you.Ā 

I am re-creating IG BUCKS for network marketers.Ā 

This is my Instagramā„¢ program specifically for network marketers. It's a 14-day Gram Guide on how you can start printing money from Instagramā„¢.Ā 

You have an opportunity right now to get it completely free. Yeah, I know - I'm nuts!

I invite you to come watch me record this LIVE, and it costs you $0.

Just to give you an idea, once I'm done recording this I am going to sell it for $197++

You can get a jumpstart on exactly what I did to build a following over over 50,000 people that actually buy from me, joined my team, and the best part is

I taught my personal team how to do the same thing and they are duplicating on Instagramā„¢ too.

Everyone is teaching you
Facebookā„¢ Groups
Facebookā„¢ Stories

BUT no one is teaching you the FULL GRAM GUIDE of exactly how you can print money from Instagramā„¢ every 14 days.

P.s. I get it. You have a busy life, school just started, waiting in lonnnnnggggg school pick up lines.Ā 

So I made an option for you to upgrade to the VIP GRAM UPGRADE on the next page once you register so you can get access to the recordings for life!

I'll see you inside.Ā 

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